A man in Black Robes

I have to tell you this maybe since it?s the last thing I will ever write oh god? he is getting closer I can feel it.. But I digress.

When school started again after the summer holidays I was excited as well as afraid I was starting high school with a completely new class and new people, but it?s okay I couldn?t wait to get to study food and cooking so I abandoned the scared feeling. And as I soon got friends who had the same interests as me Videogames I really didn?t care about being totally new. One day we started chatting about the Elder scrolls Games we discussed Morrowind, Skyrim and of course Oblivion? which was one of the first game I ever actually beat without help from my older siblings or the internet and that of course made it the most memorable game for me. I got hundreds of hours of gameplay from it recasting my character making him more evil or good or make him a mage or a warrior so simply I loved it? then my brother took it with him to moms in the US.

My friend Markus asked me if I wanted the game Of course I said yes I have wanted he pulled out a us memory stick and gave it to me simply saying ?Have fun? knowing how the guy loved to hack and just fucking with peoples computer I loaded it up to my school laptop. I was seriously surprised? it wasn?t bad or hacked. feeling gratified that my friend wasn?t pulling my leg and a little ashamed for disbelieving him I started the game I smiled when the Bethesda logo in that familiar red and white came across my laptop screen, now I knew something was really off at once, being home alone in my dark apartment I was really creeped out it wasn?t the original menu it was written instead of the title and the four options: ?Start the beginning of the end?? it was the same background as always scrolling the map I clicked the icon and the game started but instead of the little cinematic at the beginning of a new game the game flashed with small messages like: ?Haha you fool? and ?It?s okay.. we?ll take care of you? to very different messages one mocking and one sorta calming. And when it came to the actual start of the game I was calmed immediately I was back into the great world of Oblivion all was normal the bugs of the start was gone and I could make my character selecting all the old choices from my childhood and calling him my regular name (now I should explain I like the recurring hero theme Zelda has done over the years so I always gave my characters a different first name but used the same race and last name from all my other characters even if a Breton shouldn?t be a heavy armor warrior) and then I was in the game? no walkthrough I shrugged it off as a bug I was playing a bootlegged game on a stripped down school laptop after all. I walked up the little stairs about to give Valen Dreth the dead stare as he mocked me for being a pompous Breton he wasn?t there? I was disappointed seeing as I later would be allowed to give him payback for all his offensive mocking by talking to him making him believe he was going to be released then smacking him around with my fists, but seeing as he was gone from the game I couldn?t do that.. and that was where I was wrong to guards was walking towards the end of the prison block with Valen in the middle.. I was a little freaked out of this was this some sort of mod or something? then I jumped in my seat as I heard the voice of Valen screaming at the top of his lungs: ?No! please don?t what did I do so wrong to deserve this?? An imperial guards voice replied: ?We don?t know he told us to do it?? And then I heard the dark elf death sound just amplified to max volume then silence the guards walked off it was then I noticed him a man in the black robes and black hood clothing came walking down the stairs and walked right through the guards but not like through them if the TLC cheat code was active, smoke came in the outlines where his shoulder passed the guards?then the same animation as he walked through the door to my cell. I was scared and too bad for me I forgot that walking to the window would trap me and it did not being able to move my character, the man that walked into my cell entered the talking but nothing happened and I wasn?t able to leave the animation? after a hole 3 minutes I simply thought this game was a hacked version and cursed my shame from before I really needed to have a chat with that hacking bastard I frowned as something on the screen started to happen the mouth of the man in black started to open slowly when it was really open like when someone was about to scream and it started to make a sound like someone who were in pain then he released me from the talking animation and what?s freaky is that the door that you usually escape through was closed so I had to go through the cell door I could walk through it. I turned to see what had happened to Valen? his body laid slumped to the ground with the games blood animation, I felt a little sad at the time.. what was it he had done to deserve being killed like this? just walked to the end of the hallway and killed I could see a bloodied knife at his side a silver dagger? I walked up to the upper guard tower and out into the open world of Cyrodiil I was in shock as I looked around the overworld? I wasn?t in Cyrodiil I was in Oblivion or rather what oblivion is based on.. hell I let out a shout: ?What the FUCK! Is going on!??

I called my ?friend? and asked him: ?Dude what have you done, the games just bad there?s nothing but a fucking tower in the middle of oblivion? I thought we were friends?!? He responded quietly: ?I?m sorry? I had to pass it on before?? ?Before what!?? I asked? there was nothing but a silence through the phone then I heard my friend scream: ?No PLEASE! Not like this! What have I done to deserve it!?? Followed by a grim voice quietly saying: ?Nothing? I don?t know what you did? but he demands it.? Then a loud: ?Help Niko!? and a silent knife cutting through something followed by gurgling and a splash. Then my phone died? I called the cops immediately of course and an hour or two later they called me back asking what had happened and what I knew, they told me to come to the police station at once for questioning, and that they would pick me up if I didn?t have a vehicle (which I didn?t) They told me that my friends throat had been sliced by a knife and that there was no evidence of break in or that anyone had been in the house but himself. I managed to shiver out a sentence: ?What kind of knife?? They looked at eachother with disbelief before responding: ?A silver one? large. But seriously what do you know?? I told them everything about how I had called him about a hacked game he?d given to me and how I heard a man in the room telling about another man who had told him to kill my friend. They told me they would look for this man and then they released me and told me I would be driven back to my house. When I got back the game was still on? I decided to quit it and turn in off but I couldn?t it didn?t let me when I pressed the Esc key it simply: ?Play damn you?. At this point I didn?t know what to do? but I wasn?t given a choice anymore.. my character started to move it went back into the tower and down the stairs? and then he started to run down to Valen?s corpse? he just stood there and looked down on in 3d person mode and I just sat there. That?s when I noticed the silver dagger was gone a man in black came behind my character? holding a silver dagger and I was forced to watch as he just put it up to my throat and? that?s it the screen cut to black and white writing appeared saying: ?This will happen to you you 30 times want to know what happens on the 31st?? I yelled really loudly: ?NO!? the game just wrote beneath the original message: ?Im gonna tell you anyways?? I couldn?t look away as the black robed man sliced my character?s throat and laughed with glee? I screamed?

Now that night was the first I felt a presence holding a knife to my throat? it has happened 30 times over the last 3 years? and? as I?m sitting here writing this to you I can feel the presence again holding a knife at my throat.. this is the 31st time? so I?m telling you? if u ever come across an oblivion game that looks exactly like the one that I have described to you TURN IT OFF! And throw the computer away and just hope for the best because as I am sitting here writing the knife is going deeper into my flesh I can hardly breathe I bid you farewell now?

Now.. don?t worry there is more to this creepypasta and I will write a sequel so await to it arrives and hope? that you don?t come across an oblivion game? and don?t download it.. if you have to play it? buy it from the stores? not a flashdrive.

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